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Timely excellent service is what our company is all about. We value you as a client and realize that your satisfaction is crucial to earning your future business and your referrals. An important part of establishing long-term relationships with our clients begins with good communications, so please allow us to explain some special circumstances of doing business in the green industry.


Plants are living and require maintenance and care to a varying degree. Once your landscape is installed you will have the responsibility for caring for your plants. Maintaining your new landscape is not difficult. When your project is completed, we will give you general plant care guidelines and program your irrigation controller. Simply refer to our tips and if you have any questions please call. We also routinely check properties after the landscape is installed and will advise you if we notice any irregularities. Should you start noticing plant decline such as wilting, leaf drop, discoloration, insect infestation, etc, call us immediately. This allows us to quickly determine possible causes of plant stress and recommend solutions.

If you wish to keep your landscape looking its best and do not have time or knowledge to devote to plant care, please consider one of our professional landscape maintenance programs. Our programs are custom-designed to meet the needs and preferences of each client.

Occasionally plants will not survive the process of transplanting. We will gladly replace them at no charge. Plant materials that fail will be replaced as soon as they become available and as quickly as our schedule permits. Within the following schedule, we guarantee to replace, once, any plant installed by Cleveland Brothers landscape Company that fails to grow. One year limited warranty is provided for all plants. Reasonable growing conditions must be maintained as provision of the warranty, including automated irrigation, insect and disease control, and shelter from unreasonable damage by pets or pedestrians.

Forever Guarantee

New landscapes (plant materials only) are guaranteed up to forever when maintained continuously by Cleveland Brothers Landscape Company under one or our professional maintenance programs. The forever guarantee is subject to exclusions as outlined in our standard guarantee.


All components of your irrigation system are warranted for one year. Acts of God, improper use, or vandalism are not covered by this warranty.


All labor provided by Cleveland Brothers Landscaping Inc. will have a three year warranty and a lifetime warranty on all products purchased and installed by Cleveland Brothers.

Lighting and Water Features

All materials are warranted for one year. This excludes acts of God, improper use or neglect, and vandalism. Call us if you have questions about the care or maintenance of your lighting or pond equipment.

What is not included in our warranty

 Vandalism or acts of God including hail, ice storms, early and late season severe freezes, damaging winds, etc.
 Plants not watered by an automated irrigation system
 Plants that are damaged or die as a result of insect infestation or disease unless covered under the maintenance contract. (If insect infestation or disease is diagnosed, we can apply controls for a reasonable fee.)
 Plants that die as a result of improper cultural practices such as over or under watering, improper fertilizing, damage from chemical applications, etc.
 Plants that are transplanted.