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A successful New York landscaping project is a process. From the initial design stages to final completion, depend on the skills, experience, and industry knowledge of your local landscaping contractor. When you project looks like this and you do not know where to turn, call Cleveland Brothers Landscaping and we will walk you through our simple process found below.

We ask questions about how you intend to use your yard or garden and ask you to share your wish list or express any concerns about your property. Preliminary budget ranges are explored and our design/build agreement and fees are explained. Accurate information about your site is needed to start our landscape design work. We ask you to provide a plot of survey, blueprints if needed. Our team will then visit your site to take photographs and measurements. Once all the vital base information has been gathered, we create a base plan.
Using the base plan and the information gathered during the initial visit, our creative team of landscape professionals will prepare a conceptual plan for your landscape. We meet to review your conceptual landscape plan and explain our ideas. We encourage your thoughts and input, as now is the ideal time to make modifications. This step helps insure you will be pleased with your landscape plan. We explore alternatives and look at material choices, plant types, preliminary costs, and phasing options.
With the information from the preliminary plan meeting in hand, our creative team proceeds with the work on your landscape plan. This plan is more detailed and specific than the conceptual plan. Material choices are finalized and plant choices are made.
At this meeting, we will present your completed landscape plan. We will provide accurate, detailed proposals for installation, discuss the proper phasing of the work, and determine the installation schedule.
To place your project on our schedule and order the materials, we ask that you sign and return the proposal with a 40 percent deposit. Our landscaping team will plan ahead to ensure an efficient installation in a timely manner. Your designer will remain active as your project manager, helping to schedule the work, order materials, answer questions, make site visits, and monitor your project.
When your installation is completed, we like to meet and walk through your landscape project with you. We provide care and maintenance instructions and answer any landscaping questions and address any concerns you may have.
Cleveland Brothers will make periodic visits to monitor the initial “growing in” of your landscape project. We note any warranty items that may need to be taken care of and, if necessary, we will make suggestions to insure your landscaping continues to add value to your property.